PLEASE NOTE:THE TOUR PRICE IS MADE UP FROM 1-4 PERSON OVERTHAT YOU PAY THE AMOUNT ABOVE $95pp Description:Kingston the capital of Jamaica was founded in 1693 by refugees from the earthquake which destroyed much of the previous main port city of port Royal The Kingston tour will take you through the hills and mountain and the fare most center of the Island you will see lost of towns on the way, the cross over is beautiful. Before we enter Kingston you will see our old Capital City Spanish town Now on your tour our main stop at Bob Marley Museum, pass by the America embassies, then on to Devon house where you can have lunch and a taste of some Jamaican ice creams ,see a little of the city and then return to you Hotels

Tour Type: Private Tour
Duration: 10hrs
Available: Daily
Minimum Passengers: 2
Minimum Age: 4
Things to Bring:
Camera, Cash, Towel

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This is a daily tour.

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