Montego Bay Tours and Sightseeing – Uncover MoBay’s Tourism Hotspots

Explore Montego Bay –

Montego Bay – locally known as MoBay is Jamaica’s second largest city after Kingston and a package tourism spot. The golden beach wonders, palm-covered hills, and historic plantations complement the thrives the Jamaican port city. This the reason why planeloads of the travel enthusiasts flood here every day, often seduced by an exceptional Caribbean dream of lilting reggae, swaying palm trees and cocktails at sunset. No matter whatever a traveler desires, the MoBay city manages to deliver!

Montego Bay Tourism Hotspots –

Montego Bay is divided into two unique parts, the touristy Gloucester Avenue – vigorously known as the “Hip Strip”, and the proper city referred as “Downtown. However, the split between the two parts in Montego Bay is too sharp that majority of tourists never venture further than the Strip on foot, deciding their time between the beaches, shops, and restaurants. In fact, while venturing Downtown, you will get a more precise, yet vibrant picture of Montegonian lifestyle through its splendid sights as well as the MoBay’s shopping opportunities at the malls and markets.

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Though the city has so much on offer, choosing Montego Bay tours and sightseeing is a must for your holiday. If you want to go on an excursion in Jamaica Montego Bay, here are a few sites you shouldn’t miss out:

Rose Hall –

Rose Hall is one of the most historic plantation homes in Jamaica. Located on the top of the hill and a few minutes away from Montego Bay, it captures all the magic of Jamaica. Encircled by glittering seas, greenish hillsides, and sunny beaches, Rose Hall continues to appeal travel enthusiasts of every kind. While exploring the Rose Hall Great House, you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. This Jamaican Georgian mansion was built in 1770 and history claims that it’s haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer – known as the “White Witch of Rose Hall”.

On your exploration in Montego Bay Jamaica, you will experience a comprehensive reach of luxury villas, condominiums, resort hotels, island living-mountain villages, extensive miles of beautiful beaches as well as perfectly maintained golf courses that worth taking pictures. You will have to pay an entry fee of $ 20 per person to explore this magnificent wonders during your Montego Bay tours and sightseeing excursions.

Gloucester Avenue –

If you keen on spending as much time as possible shopping, eating and beaching, then Montego Bay’s Gloucester Avenue – also known as the Hip Strip can be the perfect destination to start. Located near Doctor’s Cave Beach, the trendy MoBay section is lined with cafes, shops and art galleries. Moreover, t-shirts and souvenirs stay dominant at the strip. As a shopper, you should be prepared for persistent vendors. After exploring Hip Strip on your Montego Bay tour, you should stop at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Restaurant – a popular spot with big-screen TVs and blaring tunes. Remember that Margaritaville is an ideal hub for individuals seeking for exhilarating entertainment options, a vibrant yet fun-filled atmosphere, appetizing food concoctions altogether.

Final Thought –

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